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How will a CSRP installer contribute to the success of your project?

Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE) evaluates and certifies solar energy installers for knowledge regarding critical roof construction and maintenance practices necessary to support successful rooftop solar energy. 

Specifying a Certified Solar Roofing Professional (CSRP) for your next project can help you ensure that a roof-mounted solar installation won’t adversely affect your client’s roof system performance.

Providing you with a valuable tool
The CSRP credential was designed to provide architects, consultants and engineers like you with a tool to identify skilled professionals who are capable of addressing all aspects of a roof-mounted PV installation, including:

  • Roof life cycle performance
  • Weatherproofing integrity
  • Structural issues
  • Increased heat loads
  • Wind load
  • Equipment access and maintenance
  • Uninterrupted power performance

Some installers, such as solar integrators and electricians, may not have the knowledge to assess all these considerations and, therefore, may inadvertently affect your client’s roof performance and service life negatively. To protect your client’s investment select a CSRP-credentialed installer




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