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 Hodne Construction, Inc. installs all types of Roofing products and Solar systems on residential homes, commercial buildings & businesses, condo associations as well as HOA projects.

 It has been our pleasure working with our clients and building owners and helping them to increase asset values, lower ownership costs, and preserve business capital. We promoted environmental stewardship by recommending and implementing fiscally resposible and sustainable energy efficiency measures that reduce power usage and carbon emissions.



RISE "Certifed Solar Roofing Professional"   http://www.riseprofessional.org/

  • Doug Hodne receives the credential necessary by RISE as a "Cerified Solar Roofing Professional". This has become more important as we continue to meet the needs of our clients and integrate Energy-Efficient roofing systems and PV & Thermos solar systems on client projects. This certification offered by the National Roofing Association has only been acheived by a few members.
  • Providing our cliecnts with the Roofing and Solar expertice ....

CALIFORNIA PACE - "Certified General Contractor"

  • Hodne Construction, Inc. is now licensed as PACE "PFSE Certifed General Contractor (License #A432031111001)
  • Working with the CALIFORNIA PACE program WE can help Businesses take advantage of Instant Energy Saving Measures with no immediate out of pocket Money.
  • Benefits of the California PACE Program
  1. Instant savings on energy bills providing a positive cash flow.
  2. No money down. No credit check, No personal guarantees. The financed amount is based on the value of the property not your personal credit.
  3. Federal Tax Credit, Rebate Incentive & Depreciaton of Capitol Asset. (Participants will need to consult whti their tax advisor.)
  4. Property vlaue increase because of the energy saving retorfits.
  • California PACE Website:          www.cityenergysavimgs.com


TEAM GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a group of energy contractors and suppliers that specialize in General Construction which includes: Solar. Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting, HVAC, Controls and Water Conservation professionals.

  • TEAM GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS is fully PACE certified, State and City licensed and has in-house labor to reduce cost. The team has over 15 years experience in the energy efficiency field and averages over 25 years of experience in the construction indsustry. We can handle any size project and we stand behind our labor and material warranties.

TEAM GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS also works with the CALIFORNIA PACE program to help Businesses take advanage of Instant Energy Saving Measures with no immediate out of pocket Money.

  • Initially, California PACE financed these energy saving projects. The cost of thse projects is then assessed against the value of the property (as a tax lien), which is paid off through the business owner's propert tax payment (up to 20 years), base upon the useful life of the improvements. In most cases, the tax payment is less than the annual energy cost savings thus providing immediate positive cash flow and presering Business Capital.

TEAM GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS PROVIDES a Turn Key construction project.

  • We start with contracts, designs, engineering and permits. The project then moves to the Energy Construction phase whcih can inclued Solar, Roofing, Electrical, Lighting, HVAC, and Building Envelope Construction. We manage the complete all necessary City, Utility & PFSE/PACE inspections and approvals. We also process and submit all required documents regarding rebates, credits and incentives.

  General Contractor, Full Service Solar & Roofing Company

       Hodne Construction, Inc.   License #846108 


       PACE/PFSE Certified – General Contractor #A432031111001     

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